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6. 5. 2021 – GamingHub
Humble Bundle reinstating charitable donation sliders following outcry over removal
Other / 6. 5. 2021

Humble Bundle has reversed its controversial decision to remove charity sliders from its bundle pages – a move that would have significantly reduced the percentage of payments players were able to donate charity. Humble Bundle has long permitted customers to choose how they want to split their bundle payments between a charity, a game’s publisher, and Humble Bundle itself, even allowing them to donate 100% of their money to charity if they so choose – a split determined by shifting a number of sliders. It’s a system that’s so far helped Humble Bundle raise a whopping $195m USD (around £140m) for charity over the decade it’s been in operation. Last month, however, the company announced it would be doing away with bundle sliders (and admitted it had already quietly removed them for some users back in March as a “test”), replacing them with a toggle system offering a fixed payment split instead – a move the company said it was making to bring its bundle pages “more in line with how our other products support charity”. Read more

Join the War Effort in Second Extinction
Other / 6. 5. 2021

Summary Second Extinction Product Owner Julianne Harty welcomes Xbox players to the game. Learn more about what’s in store as well as detailing a core part of Second Extinction, The War Effort. Second Extinction (Game Preview) is available now with Xbox Game Pass. Welcome to Second Extinction. We’re excited to bring you our dinosaur co-op shooter to Xbox Game Preview and Xbox Game Pass! During our time in Preview, we’re going to be listening to what you, the community, expect and desire out of a game like ours. Please add your voice to our Discord group; I read every piece of feedback entered in our feedback channels. Since we’ve been live on PC for a short period, we’ve already identified a few improvements and added these to the roadmap towards 1.0. Cross-play functionality is a significant step, and we’re looking at releasing that in September. This means you will be able to play with your PC friends and vice versa. Additionally, we include a tutorial mission to onboard new players at launch! Also on the agenda are new characters, new weapons, new equipment, and more dinosaur mutations to battle with, as well as the much-requested Horde Mode. As a team,…

Opinion: Returnal Isn’t Too Hard, It’s Just Too Long
Other / 6. 5. 2021

Last night I made it further than I’ve ever been able to progress in Returnal. With the help of an Astronaut Figure and some key health consumables, I was able to penetrate deep into the desert biome, fending off waves of difficult enemies in the process. I finally succumbed to the attacks of a teleporting alien, sending me all the way back to my ship while wiping away 90 minutes of progress. As I watched the flaming wreck of the Helios dive through the atmosphere for the hundredth time to crash on the planet below, I took a deep sigh and put away my PS5 controller. At that moment I wondered if I would have the time and energy to finish Returnal. It’s not that it’s really hard, per se. I can deal with difficulty. Nor is it a bad game, as our positive review can attest. It’s more that, in my opinion, the expectations surrounding blockbuster games are an awkward fit for the traditionally lean, fast-paced roguelite genre. Or to put it more simply, I think runs in Returnal take too long to complete. Returnal is being touted by some observers as one of the first ‘triple-A roguelites’ —…

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic arrives in June
Other / 6. 5. 2021

World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard’s retro version of the long-running MMO, will be expanding to include the game’s first expansion, The Burning Crusade, on 1st June at 11pm BST/6pm PT. As you’d expect, The Burning Crusade’s arrival will see World of Warcraft Classic receive all the features delivered in the original expansion, meaning the introduction of Blood Elves and the Draenei as playable races, flying mounts, an increased level cap of 70, arena PvP, and more. WoW’s map will also expand to include new starting zones – the Azuremyst Isles and Eversong Woods – and the Outland, a “fel-scarred planet where the forces of the demonic Burning Legion prepare to mount an assault against all life on Azeroth”, accessible through the Dark Portal. Read more

Hood: Outlaws & Legends — New Gameplay Today Live
Other / 6. 5. 2021

Click to watch embedded media Last year, Sumo Digital took the…well digital stage during Sony’s State of Play event to announce Hood: Outlaws & Legends, a new vision of the storied altruistic hero and his gang of well-meaning thieves. This time around though, things are a bit darker and have nary a cartoon fox insight. Sumo Digital’s latest title challenges players to slash, shoot, and sneak through a myriad of medieval maps to steal the riches of the castle and escape in one piece. While there’s plenty of challenge to be found in evading and dicing up NPCs and a Mr. X-esque sheriff, the developers have added another wrinkle. Should you don the hood, you’ll also have to face off against another team who is also after the same treasure. Think capture the flag, but with Prince John’s retirement fund instead of the symbol of a nation. Stealing from the rich isn’t the only way the developer tries to immerse you in its gritty world. Hood takes the archetypes of the classic tale and spins them into four classes players can inhabit. Whether your preference is long-ranged combat, support, tank, or stealth, the four classes hit each bucket and attempt to…