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August 2020 – GamingHub
Fortnite vs. Apple: Parody Ad Disappoints Original Director, Ridley Scott
Other / 31. 8. 2020

When Epic Games launched its legal action against Apple over alleged ‘anticompetitive’ behavior in the App Store, the developers of Fortnite created a shot-for-shot remake of the famous “1984” Apple Super Bowl commercial directed by Ridley Scott. IGN spoke with Scott about Epic’s homage in a recent interview and while Scott feels the Fortnite ad was well produced, he believes the message should have been about a more powerful topic. IGN asked Scott, director of critically acclaimed films like Alien, Gladiator, and Black Hawk Down, if he has seen the Epic remake of his famous Apple “1984” commercial. “I sure have and I wrote to them because on the one hand I can be fully complimented by the fact they copied [my commercial] shot for shot,” Scott says. “But pity the message is so ordinary when they could have been talking about democracy or more powerful things… And they didn’t use it.” Scott added, “I think the animation was terrific, the idea was terrific, the message was ‘ehh’.” [ignvideo url=”https://www.ign.com/videos/2020/08/13/fortnite-1984-apple-parody-video-short”] “1984” is the name of Ridley Scott’s famous Apple commercial which aired nationally during Super Bowl 18. The commercial was based on the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell and was…

Halo Infinite Teams Up With Monster Energy
Other / 31. 8. 2020

While Halo Infinite is delayed to 2021, a partnership between Monster Energy and Halo Infinite begins now. You can pick up Monster Energy Halo Infinite drinks to earn XP bonuses, bank them, stack them, and get ready to put in those long energy drink fueled shooty hours. Okay, so XP bonuses are nice but what else? Snapcodes. Yeah that’s right. Halo Infinite Snapchat filters. I don’t know what the hell people do on Snapchat to be honest, but I had fun with the filters on Instagram once, so it’s probably pretty cool. Finally, the partnership has a veritable arsenal of weapon skins, weapon emblems, and player emblems to unlock. These are probably the most enticing reason to get players to pound some cans of caffeinated candy. They actually look pretty slick.  You can read more about the promotion and partnership over on the official Xbox site.

Halo Infinite has Monster Energy weapons, because of course it does
Other / 31. 8. 2020

In a move that will shock absolutely no one, Microsoft recently announced that Halo Infinite will feature guns sponsored by Monster Energy. The news comes from an official Xbox blog post, which opens by discussing the recently launched Halo Infinite Monster Energy cans. While these real-life cans are emblazoned with the stern visage of Mr. John Halo, there was no reciprocal instance of Monster appearing in the virtual realm of Halo Infinite – until now. Check out the screenshot below, which offers us a look at the official Halo Infinite Monster Energy guns. They don’t actually look too bad at first – the green and black palette is aligned with Combat Evolved-era Master Chief, and there’s no piss-colored M on the front of the guns. However, after 0.5 seconds of looking at them, I can confirm that I, personally, will not be using a Halo Infinite Monster Energy weapon skin – unless it’s for occasional, intentionally ironic purposes. Players can also earn Double XP boosts by purchasing cans of Monster with Master Chief on the front. Each can is good for one boost, so if you get a 24-pack of Monster (please don’t, you’ll hurt your teeth), you’ll get 24…

PS5’s Backward Compatibility Is Even More Confusing Now
Other / 31. 8. 2020

PlayStation 5’s full backward compatibility potential has remained somewhat of a mystery as Sony has not confirmed or denied any potential for support beyond PS4 games, but a recent, and now updated support page from Ubisoft, has further muddied the waters about what past generations the PS5 will or won’t be potentially backward compatible with. A Ubisoft Support Q&A page, in response to a question about upgrading games from PS4 to PS5, as spotted by Wario64 and confirmed by IGN, originally said that “Backwards compatibility will be available for supported PlayStation 4 titles, but will not be possible for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, or PlayStation games.” PS5 is not backwards compatible with PS3/PS2/PS1 games, according to a Ubisoft supprot page https://t.co/j1wTcAApZ3 pic.twitter.com/hnbpndATPi — Wario64 (@Wario64) August 31, 2020 The page has since been updated to remove all mention of backward compatibility or prior PlayStation generations of hardware. It only continues to mention the upgrade process moving into the PS5, as well as that PS4 players will be able to play multiplayer games with PS5 players. [ignvideo url=”https://www.ign.com/videos/ps5-series-x-price-and-release-date-have-sony-and-microsoft-waited-too-long-next-gen-console-watch”] PS5’s backward compatibility has been a murky topic for those looking forward to PlayStation’s next-generation hardware. Sony began talking about PS5’s backward compatibility…

PS5 backwards compatibility only works for PS4 games, says Ubisoft
Other / 31. 8. 2020

Ubisoft recently confirmed that PS5 backwards compatibility will only work for PS4 games, noting that PS1, PS2, and PS3 games will not be playable on Sony’s next-gen console. The news comes from the Ubisoft support page, as spotted by Nibel on Twitter. Check out the tweet below. According to Ubisoft’s support page, PS5 will not have PS1/PS2/PS3 BC https://t.co/0Z8sSoF4NL pic.twitter.com/TcwxseNkkf — Nibel (@Nibellion) August 31, 2020 Following the link embedded in the tweet will bring you to a post on the official Ubisoft support page with information about how PS5 backwards compatibility is due to work. “As part of their next-gen upgrade process, PlayStation offer a number of features designed to help you move from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5,” the post reads. “PlayStation 4 players will be able to join multiplayer games with PlayStation 5 players.” “Backwards compatibility will be available for supported PlayStation 4 titles, but will not be possible for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, or PlayStation games,” it continues. It’s worth noting that this comes from Ubisoft and not Sony, and could therefore refer to one specific studio’s response to PS5 backwards compatibility as opposed to the overall possibility of loading pre-PS4 games onto a next-gen machine….