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May 2020 – GamingHub
Expect more Baldur’s Gate 3 info next week, says Larian Studios
Other / 31. 5. 2020

Baldur’s Gate 3 developer, Larian Studios, says it will be “revealing more” about the highly-anticipated sequel, starting 6th June. The announcements will come via Guerrilla Collective, a three-day indie showcase from a number of developers including the likes of 11 Bit Studios (Frostpunk), Coffee Stain Studios (Satisfactory), Larian Studios (Baldur’s Gate 3), Raw Fury, Rebellion, Versus Evil (The Banner Saga) and many more. “Throughout June, we’ll be revealing more about #BaldursGate3 starting June 6, on the #GuerrillaCollective Showcase,” Larian Studios tweeted recently. “It’s almost time to venture forth.” Read more

Story leaks haven’t affected The Last of Us Part 2 preorders, says Sony
Other / 31. 5. 2020

Sony has confirmed that despite early leaks spoiling several key plot points of the upcoming The Last of Us Part 2, preorders remain healthy. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan further added in an interview with CNET (via VGC) that in Europe, preorder demand of the sequel is outstripping that of Marvel’s Spider-Man at the same point before its launch. Widely considered one of the greatest PS4 exclusives, Sony purports Marvel’s Spider-Man remains the best-selling superhero game’ in US history. “We hope this’ll be a defining game for this generation,” Ryan said, talking about The Last of Us Part 2. Read more

One of the PS Vita’s best games has been unexpectedly taken offline
Other / 31. 5. 2020

Sony has reportedly closed down the servers for PlayStation Vita shooter, Killzone: Mercenary, seemingly without notice. As yet it’s unclear why the servers were turned off, but first fans gathered on Reddit to question why they couldn’t get into multiplayer games (thanks, Digital Trends), and then to voice their dismay about rumours that purport it’s been taken offline for good. While Sony has yet to formally comment on the closure – and there’s no word on the removal on the official website – players have reached out to Sony representatives who have allegedly confirmed the game has been taken offline. Read more

Build-A-Bear is “taking notes” about your dreams of an Animal Crossing-themed collaboration
Other / 31. 5. 2020

Build-A-Bear is listening, Animal Crossing aficionados. When a fan tweeted the build-your-own-stuffed-companion company stating that a “build a bear x animal crossing collab would be a cultural reset”, the official Twitter account responded with: “Wow! [teddy bear emoji]. We’re taking notes…” Since then, the tweet has been liked a staggering 149,000 times, intimating it’s not an isolated request, and a Change.org petition (thanks, MXDWN) – which went live six months ago but has only recently found a little traction – has, at the time of writing, secured almost 6,500 signatures. Read more

These are Apex Legends’ most popular Legends
Other / 31. 5. 2020

There have been some big changes in Apex Legends recently, from the arrival of new Legend Loba to nerfs and buffs to existing Legends like Mirage and Pathfinder. However, Respawn’s attempts to shake things up haven’t been enough to impact which are our favourite Legends, it seems. According to DreamTeam.gg (thanks, Dexerto), Wraith remains the most popular Legend to use in season five, hitting a usage rate of 27 per cent across all platforms – that makes her three times more popular than the second most used character. Pathfinder and Lifeline come in second and third place with usage rates of 10 per cent and 9 per cent respectively. Read more

PC testing for Halo 3 kicks off next month
Other / 31. 5. 2020

Testing for 343 industries’ remastered Halo 3 is rolling out to PC “in the first half of next month”. In a new community update, 343i’s Postums said the closed Halo 3 testing will permit the team to test its distribution pipeline, test updates to Challenges, gather feedback on the content, and “ensure all supporting systems are functioning properly in preparation for bringing Halo 3 to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC”. “Halo 3 is the next game in our lineup making its way to PC,” wrote “Postums” (thanks, RPS). “In 2007, it was the Halo title that brought us Theater, Forge, and some of the community’s most beloved gametypes like Grifball, Infection, and many more. Halo 3 holds a special place in many player’s hearts and we know it’s one of, if not THE most anticipated titles in the collection. In good news, public flighting for Halo 3 PC is on the horizon!” Read more

20 years after its release, it’s time to play Daikatana
Other / 31. 5. 2020

John Romero and Ion Storm’s FPS Daikatana was released 20 years ago and it’s regarded as one of the biggest failures in video game history. Nowadays, we remember its infamous advertisement warning us that “John Romero’s about to make you his bitch,” its delays and its poor reviews. Maybe we also remember the controversies surrounding Ion Storm itself. We remember its myth, but we don’t remember Daikatana. While Ion Storm expected to sell more than 2 million copies, Daikatana is a game few people actually played. For its 20th anniversary, it’s time to see what Daikatana has to offer now, beyond legends and prejudices. In Daikatana three characters travel through time thanks to (and because of) the powers of a magic sword, and they fight to stop an evil corporation. The game features 24 levels split into four episodes set in different ages: a cyberpunk Tokyo, a mythical Ancient Greece inspired by Ray Harryhausen’s movies, a zombie-plagued Medieval Europe and San Francisco in 2030. Each era surprises players with its own environments, soundtrack, enemies and weapons, and almost every weapon (there are 25 in total) tries to do something different with an ingenuity more common at the time but usually…

Watch the wholesome moment this Super Mario 64 speedrunner broke the world record after eight years of trying
Other / 30. 5. 2020

It is one of the most wholesome moments in speedrunning history – the speedrunner breaks a Super Mario 64 world record after eight years of trying, he breaks down before his parents come in to congratulate him on his momentous achievement. Ryan “Simply” Reeves is a well-known Super Mario 64 speedrunner from Minnesota, USA who yesterday completed Nintendo’s N64 classic with all 120 stars obtained in an incredible time of 1:38:28. Simply’s time beat the previous world record of 1:38:43, which was obtained by a player called Liam Kings on 31st March 2020, by 15 seconds. When Simply finishes the game by defeating Bowser in the final boss fight, he collapses forward, at first laughing, then crying as his 3500 Twitch viewers offer congratulations in the chat. Read more