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8. 2. 2020 – GamingHub
Bleeding Edge – here’s a look at Daemon’s abilities and supers
Other / 8. 2. 2020

Here’s a quick video introducing the Bleeding Edge character Daemon. This video for the Bleeding Edge character Daemon provides a look at the character’s abilities, supers, specials and just general tips and tricks on using him. Daemon is an augmented ninja who falls within the DPS category. His use of stealth is handy when you need to sneak onto objective points, or incapacitating an enemy to take them out of the fight. He also has impressive burst potential, making him a good option when you need to jump in and take out a support hero. The character’s basic and primary ability is Graffiti Blade which is used to slice through enemies. Pressing the attack button four times will allow him to pull off his basic slice and dice combo. He also has the ability to wall jump which makes for a nice getaway when you’re being hammered by an enemy player. As far as Specials, Daemon has three abilities, the first of which is Shift. This is a fast dash that can be used both offensively and defensively. You can use this ability to get to an enemy quickly or to get out of the way of a counter. The…

Someone’s leaked Microsoft Flight Simulator gameplay and it looks incredible
Other / 8. 2. 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of most anticipated games of 2020 – and a couple of new gameplay videos have only made me more pumped for the game. The Microsoft Flight Simulator community is aflutter over two gameplay videos uploaded to a YouTube channel called Jose Carlos (presumably the name of the player). Those currently playing the game aren’t supposed to upload gameplay footage, but that hasn’t stopped our hero, Jose Carlos – despite their player ID appearing on-screen as a watermark and their face popping up in the corner. I’m hugely impressed by what I can see here. The interior of the cockpit looks almost photoreal. The chair material and sticks caught my eye! Outside the cockpit, the plane and sky look lifelike. Read more

The Wonderful 101: Remastered will feature an optimized UI
Other / 8. 2. 2020

One of the changes you can expect with The Wonderful 101 remaster is an optimized UI. That’s according to director Hideki Kamiya who told Nintendo Everything the UI is begin adjusted with The Wonderful 101: Remastered. In the interview, Kamiya said he felt some of the aspects of the original UI were “a little off-putting or unoptimized,” as some of the UI got in the way or “just hindered the experience.” The team at PlatinumGames will also look into smaller details. “Throughout The Wonderful 101, the camera moves around depending on what action is happening, such as a top-down camera or a behind-the-shoulder camera and so on – sometimes it’s even similar to a shooter with the player pressing a certain button to fire and whatnot,” said Kamiya. “And I think there are some UI elements that aren’t as well optimized as we’d like them to be. Some players may have gotten confused during some gameplay mode changes where they didn’t know which button to press or what to do. These are the kinds of things we want to adjust to create a more intuitive and enjoyable experience for the player.” The full interview with Nintendo Everything will be published on the site…

Veteran shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive breaks its all-time player peak record
Other / 8. 2. 2020

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just broke its all-time player peak on Steam. Valve’s competitive first-person shooter, which launched in 2012, hit an impressive peak of 876,575 concurrent players today, according to official data from Steam. According to Steam Charts, that figure beats the previous peak of 850,485 players, set in April 2016 amid the MLG Columbus major tournament. Read more

Microsoft Flight Simulator technical alpha footage leaked
Other / 8. 2. 2020

Footage from the Microsoft Flight Simulator technical alpha has appeared online. The gameplay footage for Microsoft Flight Simulator was posted by YouTuber Jose Carlos. There are two videos: one showing takeoff and landing and the other shows off some o the weather tech. Since those in the technical alpha are under an NDA, it’s likely Microsoft will have the videos pulled. So you might want to have a look at the before that happens (thanks, PCgamesN). The latest official look at the game was released by Microsoft in early-January. The video showed off snow accumulation, as the game’s weather tech uses actual real-world data from Bing. Microsoft started testing the game via its Insider Program last summer, and although it is without a firm release date, it seems there’s plenty to be excited about.   The post Microsoft Flight Simulator technical alpha footage leaked appeared first on VG247.

Below is headed to PS4 alongside the more accessible Explore mode
Other / 8. 2. 2020

Capybara’s top-down dungeon crawler Below is headed to PS4, and a new Explore mode will be available for all platforms. Below will be released on PS4 this spring alongside a mode that encourages exploration. The Explore mode features changes to survival, death, and damage, making it accessible for players who seek more of an action-adventure style of play. The mode will allow you to experience the game without “suffering the exquisite pain” of the original design. Those looking for a more challenging survival experience will find it in the original game mode, which is now called Survive. “Explore mode is our way of answering everyone who played Below at launch and found the challenge a bit too steep,” said Capybara’s Kris Piotrowski. “It was clear that many players were intrigued by the game’s haunting underworld and rich atmosphere, but its difficulty made the game inaccessible to some.” Explore mode will be included with the PS4 release and is also coming to Steam and Xbox One. Below was first announced at E3 2013 during the Microsoft show.  Initially set for a 2016 release, it was eventually released in December 2018.   The post Below is headed to PS4 alongside the more accessible Explore mode…