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January 2020 – Page 2 – GamingHub
Grab The Art of the Last of Us Part II Deluxe Edition for 40% off
Other / 31. 1. 2020

The Last of Us Part II may have been delayed to May, but that isn’t stopping companies from creating more swag to buy for the Naughty Boy title! Dark Horse is making The Art of The Last of Us Part II, and you can preorder the art book now. Better yet, the book is currently available for a good discount as Amazon US! The Deluxe Edition of the artbook, which has a neat lithograph to go with the special slipcase, is 40% of its $89.99 standard price. So, you can grab The Art of The Last of Us Part II Deluxe Edition for $53.99 at Amazon US. On top of that, if another price drop happens before the artbook’s June release, that discount will automatically be applied to your pre-order. So if you really want this artbook, there’s no reason to sleep on it. If you don’t want the Deluxe version, there’s also The Art of The Last of Us Part II for $35.99 at Amazon US, but that’s only about $5 off the normal asking price. Artbooks tend to see some decent discounts before release, though, so this title might be a bit cheaper when it gets closer to…

Monster Energy Supercross 3 – Special Edition Available Now on Xbox
Other / 31. 1. 2020

While planning the development of Supercross 3, we listened to the feedback of our community and we added several features that fans of the series have been asking for. First things first, let’s talk about the gameplay. In a sport like Supercross, the bikes spend a lot of time in the air. Thus, after considering what was done in the past and what we wanted for the future, we have been working to deliver a new kind of in-air physics that gives player more freedom and control of what happens during jumps, in order to give them a more fun feeling in the game. This big change we’ve made has big consequences on how the players face all the jumps of the tracks. Trying to keep the momentum going and avoiding bad landings is now crucial for the players if they want to be consistently fast. In Supercross 3 the player can now move the rider around all the three-rotation axis, being able to perform rotations and other kind of movements that in the past weren’t possible. Thanks to this, a more expert player can recreate more spectacular and fluid movements. For the single-player, Supercross 3 has all the classic…

Dragon Age creator Mike Laidlaw announces departure from Ubisoft Quebec
Other / 31. 1. 2020

Mike Laidlaw, perhaps best known for his work as creative director on BioWare’s Dragon Age series, has announced his departure from Ubisoft, a little over year after joining the company. Prior to making the move to Ubisoft in 2017 – specifically to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey studio Ubisoft Quebec – Laidlaw had spent 15 years at BioWare, working on some of its most beloved games. Laidlaw helped shape the Dragon Age series for nearly a decade – as lead designer on Dragon Age 1 and as creative director on later instalments in the franchise – and served as lead writer on BioWare’s Jade Empire before that. All we know about Laidlaw’s time at Ubisoft Quebec is that he was serving as creative director on a new (unspecified) project, one that he described as being “exciting enough to make me move half way across the continent.” Read more

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Age of Rebellion will see the return of Scarif
Other / 31. 1. 2020

Star Wars Battlefront 2 players will return to the original trilogy with the Age of Rebellion, and the delayed BB update will land next week. As part of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 update, the Age of Rebellion will bring specific planets to both co-op and later Supremacy. Alongside the update, Capital Supremacy will furthermore be known as just Supremacy. DICE said it is renaming this game mode to “encompass all eras” as the original trilogy variant will be fought “exclusively on the ground.” The team said it felt on ground combat would be a better fit for some of the locations. You can also expect the planet Scarif from 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront to be included in the update. More details on the specifics of the Age of Rebellion content will come in February. Until then, come February 3, you can expect the BB update to land. Originally set to release this week, the update brings both BB8 and BB-9E to the game. BB-8 will play as an offensive hero and BB-9E  will play more of a support role. You can look over the notes for next week’s update at the link. The post Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Age of Rebellion will see the…

Google responds to fan complaints around lack of solid Stadia announcements
Other / 31. 1. 2020

Google has responded to community complaints regarding a continued lack of solid information around promised features and new releases for its Stadia streaming platform, arguing that game announcements are the responsibility of individual publishers. The company’s latest defence appears to have be spurred on by an extremely active thread posted to the official Stadia subreddit earlier this week, highlighting the fact that 40 days had passed without much in the way of a solid update from Google. Specifically, its author called out the fact that there were still no details on any of the 120 Stadia games Google claimed it was “tracking” for a 2020 release earlier this month, still no word on Stadia’s iOS app, still no word on family sharing, still no word on Stadia’s free Base service, and at least an additional two-month wait for Stadia’s previously promised 4K browser support, Assistant functionality, and true wireless controller support. Read more

Persona 3 Remake Is Trending on Twitter, But It’s Not a Real Game
Other / 31. 1. 2020

There’s currently a social media campaign to get Persona 3 Remake trending on Twitter. Unfortunately, just because it’s big on Twitter doesn’t mean a Persona 3 Remake is real. Today, fans of Atlus’ 2006 PlayStation 2 RPG Persona 3 are tweeting their wishes for a modern remake using the hashtag #Persona3Remake. One of the most popular viral tweets from this movement is from a fan account called Official AtIus West, which includes an intentional misspelling of the Official Atlus West Twitter account which could fool the quick onlooker. The day has come. Persona 3 is a fantastic game that tons of people love, and since we’re currently busy developing the Jack Bros remake we think Persona 3 definetley deserves a chance to be remade by other ATLUS and loved by a whole new wave of people. #Persona3Remake pic.twitter.com/Q0IXOE5ZYK — OfficiaI ATIUS West (@AtIus_West) January 31, 2020 The social media campaign looks to be a deliberate attempt by Persona 3 fans to raise awareness for their desire for a remake, perhaps hoping to grab Atlus’ attention in the process. The campaign may have begun today because of the date, January 31, which is an important date in Persona 3. [ignvideo url=”https://www.ign.com/videos/2018/11/27/the-first-16-minutes-of-persona-3-dancing-in-moonlight”]…