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23. 1. 2020 – GamingHub
Super Nintendo World is Coming to New ‘Epic Universe’ Theme Park in Orlando
Other / 23. 1. 2020

Universal Studios is officially bringing Super Nintendo World to North America as part of its upcoming Epic Universe theme park in Orlando, Florida. As reported by WESH in Orlando, Universal parent company Comcast announced the Super Nintendo World news during its Q4 2019 investors meeting. The Epic Universe park is set to open in 2023. [ignvideo url=”https://www.ign.com/videos/2017/06/08/super-nintendo-world-japan-teaser-trailer”] The first Super Nintendo World location is set to open this summer at Universal Studios in Japan. Nintendo recently released a CGI music video to give fans an early look at the theme park. The park will feature a Super Mario Kart ride as well as a Yoshi’s Adventure ride when it opens and visitors will also be able to interact with the park using Nintendo-themed wristbands. The first photos we saw of Super Nintendo World feature clouds and platforms matching designs from Super Mario 3D World. Besides Japan and Orlando, Super Nintendo World will eventually make its way to Universal Studios in Hollywood and Singapore. Super Nintendo World isn’t the only way Nintendo is branching out from video games. Nintendo is partnering with Illumination to develop a Super Mario Bros. movie, which is scheduled to hit theaters by 2022. For more on Super…

Disco Elysium’s new Hardcore Mode makes Martinaise even more miserable
Other / 23. 1. 2020

Developer ZA/UM’s acclaimed open-world detective RPG, Disco Elysium, struck a chord with many last year – and those players looking for an excuse to do it all over again can now take advantage of its newly launched Hardcore Mode. As its name suggests, Hardcode Mode isn’t for the faint of heart, introducing a range of changes designed to make your life in the dilapidated city district of Martinaise even more miserable. For starters, the difficulty of every Check goes up, meaning your chances of failure are much higher, and money is considerably harder to come by too (expect to value your few possessions more than ever). Making matters worse, pharmaceutical costs are increased and their effectiveness is reduced – so you’ll likely feel the pull of booze and cigarettes more often in order to keep your head clear and your courage high. Read more

How to Beat the Toughest Bosses in Sekiro
Other / 23. 1. 2020

Like any recent From Software game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is no walk in the park, with a never-ending gauntlet of brutal enemies blocking your path. And waiting for you at the end of each area are terrifying bosses that will no doubt have you dying more than twice. But these battles don’t always have to end in defeat if a shinobi has the right strategy to outmaneuver his opponents. We’ve compiled expert tips and tricks, videos, key items to use, and boss strategies for all the toughest encounters. Before getting into each of the bosses, be sure to remember these tips for all of your big battles: Most tough enemies have a large health pool, and will be faster to take down by breaking their posture. However, most boss posture regenerates quickly – especially at high health. Try to focus on getting careful hits in to chip away until their health falls to around half, and then press the attack to raise their posture when it heals slower to increase your chances to breaking the meter long before their health fully depletes. Unless you see the warning sign of a perilous attack, try to overcome your fear of meeting…

Dishonored is getting the tabletop RPG treatment later this year
Other / 23. 1. 2020

Dishonored, developer Arkane Studios’ sublime stealthy action-adventure series, is getting the tabletop RPG treatment later this year, courtesy of Modiphius Entertainment. The Dishonored Roleplaying Game, as it’s known, will initially be released in the form of a 300-page hardback Corebook, containing everything players need to begin their steampunk-inspired adventures across the Empire of the Isles. According to Modiphius, the Corebook features an in-depth look at Dishonored’s world, its history, and its people, plus a comprehensive storytelling guide. The latter includes rules for playing as various roles – which range from “grim assassins and rugged criminals, to intrepid explorers and stoic crown loyalists” – alongside antagonists and story hooks for inspiration. Read more

Apex Legends Season 4 Introduces New Legend Forge
Other / 23. 1. 2020

Apex Legends’ Season 4 will begin on February 4, 2020, and with it comes a brand new charismatic Legend named Forge. This newest season is titled Assimilation and also arrives with a new Battle Pass, a new bolt-action sniper rifle with a charge mechanic called the Sentinel, and changes to Ranked mode. Furthermore, February 4 marks the one-year anniversary since Apex Legends was released, and free login gifts will be given to players, including gun charms and a specific badge depending on how long you have been playing Respawn’s battle royale. While we know what Forge looks like, there was no footage yet revealed of this new Legend who is “confident yet humble,…” and “uses his size, strength, and heavy-duty Shatter Gauntlets to batter his opponents into submission.” [widget path=”global/article/imagegallery” parameters=”albumSlug=apex-legends-season-4&captions=true”] It was also revealed that Forge is a 5-time Hyperfighting Federation Champion and is the first corporate-sponsored Legend. His sponsor? Hammond Robotics. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because it is one of the major corporations from Titanfall that was allied with the IMC and produced a ton of war material for its cause. The team at Respawn also hinted that Hammond Robotics may be the cause for some…