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14. 1. 2020 – GamingHub
Why Sony’s Absence Hurts E3 More Than the PS5
Other / 14. 1. 2020

Sony has confirmed what rumors suggested – PlayStation will once again not have a presence at E3, skipping 2020’s convention in favor of hosting its own (and probably taking part in other) events ahead of the PlayStation 5 launch. This marks two years in a row that Sony is skipping E3, even though conventional wisdom suggested that Sony would never be absent in the same year it’s launching a new console – but Sony doesn’t need E3 to make the PS5 a success. E3, on the flipside, sure needs Sony to succeed as a showcase of the industry’s future, for fans and journalists alike. Why Sony Leaving E3 Doesn’t Hurt the PS5 Now that it’s 2020 — this, the year of next-gen — Sony’s efforts will most assuredly focus on the PS5, both in terms of the console’s launch and its post-launch lineup. The overall message: why people would want to upgrade to this new system. Sony’s decision to skip E3 is a clear sign that, at the very least, those at Sony don’t think it needs a presence at the show to convince you of the merits of its new hardware. [ignvideo url=”https://www.ign.com/videos/2020/01/13/playstation-will-not-be-at-e3-2020-ign-now”] And the company’s statement proves that….

Nioh 2: Here’s What Comes in Each Edition
Other / 14. 1. 2020

Nioh 2 is set to release on March 13 for PS4. A sequel to the 2017 original, the game puts you back in the role of a half human, half Yokai warrior as he slays demons in Sengoku-era Japan and the Dark Realm. Nioh 2 sports an updated combat system and allows you to transform into a Yokai to dole out extra pain to your enemies. It promises to be another challenging entry in the “masacore” RPG genre popularized by the Dark Souls series. The game comes a few different editions, all of which are available for preorder right now. Here’s what comes with each one and where you can get it. Nioh 2 Special Edition See it at Walmart – $79.99 See it at Amazon – $79.99 See it at Best Buy – $79.99 See it at GameStop – $79.99 The special edition of the game comes with the following: Nioh 2 season pass “The Art of Nioh 2” book Steelbook case Nioh 2 Standard Edition [poilib element=”commerceCta” json=”%7B%22image%22%3A%7B%22url%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fassets1.ignimgs.com%2F2020%2F01%2F14%2Fnioh-21579038107571.jpg%22%2C%22styleUrl%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fassets1.ignimgs.com%2F2020%2F01%2F14%2Fnioh-21579038107571_%7Bsize%7D.jpg%22%2C%22id%22%3A%225e1e35a0e4b0e6d43845df5c%22%7D%2C%22url%22%3A%22http%3A%2F%2Fr.zdbb.net%2Fu%2Fbldk%22%2C%22title%22%3A%22Nioh%202%22%2C%22store%22%3A%22Amazon%22%2C%22additionalInfo%22%3A%22%22%2C%22ourPick%22%3Afalse%7D”] See it at Walmart – $59.99 See it at Amazon – $59.99 See it at Best Buy – $59.99 See it at GameStop – $59.99 See it at PS Store…

Ask Our Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Reviewer Anything
Other / 14. 1. 2020

Good news: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is coming out this Thursday, January 16! Bad news: we only just got review copies today, less than 48 hours ahead of time. Considering this is a beefy game with dozens of hours of content, that means the odds of us having a review up on the site by launch are… not great. Don’t worry, we’ll get it done ASAP, and we’ll aim to have it finished early next week. Our own Mitchell Saltzman is on the case, and nobody’s better suited to thoroughly blast through a game like this. However, we know a lot of you have burning questions, and we don’t want to leave you hanging a moment longer than we have to. So here’s your opportunity: leave your questions in the comments below. After the embargle lifts on Thursday morning (Pacific time) we’ll update this article with an update on Mitchell’s progress and his answers to your questions, based on what he’s played so far. Hit us with your best! [widget path=”global/article/imagegallery” parameters=”albumSlug=every-ign-dragon-ball-game-review&captions=true”] [ignvideo url=”https://www.ign.com/videos/2019/12/10/dragon-ball-z-kakarot-goku-vs-vegeta-gameplay-4k60″]

Vote: What Are the Best Pokemon That Aren’t In Sword & Shield?
Other / 14. 1. 2020

With Nintendo’s recent revelation that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be receiving an expansion pass — a first for the series known for releasing enhanced versions – we also learned that 200 additional pokemon would be making their way to the Galar region over the course of both DLC packs, included with the $29.99 pass. Since not everyone from the National Dex will be making the cut – this begs the question, which pokemon should be added out of the hundreds that haven’t been confirmed? We have developed a tool to crowdsource a definitive list of Most Wanted Pokemon (MWP) … using math! It’s fun math though, we promise: In short, your picks will be counted, along with all the other participants, and then — depending on which Pokemon win the most match-ups — we’ll post the winning list of Most Wanted Pokemon, ranked by popularity. We’ll be revealing the list of MWP, Monday, January 20, so get your picks in before then! Vote Now for the Pokemon You Want: Click Here or the Image Below! For more information on FaceOffs, keep scrolling. What Is a FaceOff? As the name suggests, in a FaceOff we’ll have one pokemon face off…

Red Dead Online players earn bonuses in role-specific Free Roam Events this week
Other / 14. 1. 2020

Red Dead Online players can earn XP bonuses this week along with special boosts in role-specific Free Roman Events. Those on the Bounty Hunting, Trading, and Collecting train in Red Dead Online this week will receive 25% Character XP and Role XP boosts playing role-specific Free Roam Events. These Free Roam Events are only available to players who have reached the required rank four in the associated role, and include Day of Reckoning, Manhunt, Trade Route, Condor Egg, and Salvage. Also this week, 2,000 bonus role XP will be doled out to those returning a Legendary Bounty, completing the Gold Panners Dream weekly collection, or succeeding in a Trader Sell Mission. If you are working on your distilling skills, completing the Moonshiners Story Mission will net you 2,000 Moonshiner XP. Rockstar will award each 2,000 Role XP bonus in two installments via the Offers and Rewards section inside the game’s pause menu. This week’s competitive mode is Last Stand, which is part of the Free Aim series and will be playable through January 20. For those looking for a deal, this week you can take 30% off the price of any Rifle available from Gunsmiths or through the Wheeler, Rawson…