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1. 1. 2020 – GamingHub
Reader Discussion – What’s Your Gaming Resolution For 2020?
Other / 1. 1. 2020

I’ve never been much of a New Year’s resolution kind of person. Well, maybe I should clarify. I’ve attempted to tackle resolutions over the years, but I rarely – if ever – have stuck with them. My resolutions have either been too broad (“Be a better person”), too unrealistic (“Write a book, even though you don’t have any ideas for a book or any driving interest in writing a book”), or literally impossible (“Stop swearing so often”). This year, I’m going to give it another try, and I think I’ve found a sneaky path to success: I’m tying it into one of my favorite hobbies. How could I fail, right? More specifically, I’m going to try and make an effort to broaden my horizons in 2020. When I’m playing games on my own time, I tend to gravitate toward open-world, sandbox-style titles. I’m not going to stop playing those (resolutions shouldn’t be punishment, right?), but I’m going to try to branch out and explore some genres that I don’t play as often as I may have used to. I see two fairly obvious targets.  First, I’m going to try to play through a new-release JRPG. That’s a genre that I…

Returning to Monster Hunter: World
Other / 1. 1. 2020

At long last. the Monster Hunter: World expansion Iceborne comes to PC next week. Are you ready? Whether you’re a new player looking to get into the mix or an old vet coming back after a long hiatus, you can prepare in style. First, grab yourself one of the new Defender weapons. Simply talk to the blacksmith to get started. These weapons are massively overpowered, and will carry you comfortably through the story and beyond. They’re super easy to craft and upgrade, so don’t hesitate to throw whatever you were using in storage for now and use one of these bad boys – they’ll carve everything from Deviljo to Xeno’Jiva with ease and get you through the story in style. These have low material and resource costs and are incredibly good, so if you’re planning on doing a little pre-expansion farming, make a weapon. You can also make a Defender set to help ease you through the content. Then, prepare yourself for Iceborne. Yes, it’s similar to many other expansions in that your stuff won’t look nearly as shiny after it comes out and you’ll have to get new stuff, but that’s the point right? In the meantime, you can…

An Interview With Final Fantasy’s Yoshinori Kitase
Other / 1. 1. 2020

As a longtime producer and director of Final Fantasy games, Yoshinori Kitase is one of the key minds behind Square Enix’s flagship RPG series. We talked to Kitase about guiding the brand, keeping development ambitions in check, and remaking a classic like Final Fantasy VII. Is it correct that the only company you’ve worked for in the game industry is Square Enix? Yes. I was in an animation studio for a year before I came here, and that’s it. How did you get involved at Square? I entered the company in 1990, which is right about when we were moving from Nintendo to Super Nintendo. Obviously, the graphics weren’t anywhere near where they are today, but when I started thinking that I wanted to move from the animation world into the games world, I really wanted to go somewhere that had a very strong emphasis on storylines – which is why I was interested in joining Square. Final Fantasy VI What drew you away from film and animation toward games? I have always liked video games; I’ve always played them and been interested in them. But when I was studying, I was focused on film, which led into animation. The…